Commentary: Our Lives Are Valuable (via BET)

GLAAD's Senior Media Strategist Tiq Milan wrote a piece for in which he discussed Transgender Day of Remembrance; the epidemic of violence against trans women of color; and the importance of bringing these tragedies to the forefront of the Black community's, LGBT community's, and the world at large's attention.

In his poignant article, Tiq states:

"Violence in the Black community has been well documented, debated and analyzed by everyone from grassroots community leaders to mainstream news pundits. But the intense and constant violence against Black trans women is wholly ignored by leaders in the Black community. Nettles was killed not too far away from Al Sharpton's National Action Network, an organization that prides itself on its non-violence platform. But we didn’t hear a peep from him or his organization. Black transgender people should not have to fend for themselves on the margins of their own community. We have a right to a seat at the table. The issues that face Black trans people are a magnified reflection of the concerns of the Black community as a whole and we are suffering from the collective cold shoulder."

You can read the full story here.