Celebrates Accepting Families in Oregon's Communities of Color

In their “Celebrate Love” column,, a daily news site on racial justice issues, spotlighted LGBT families of color in Oregon. “A year ago today, we at Colorlines pledged to celebrate love as often as possible…We are constantly confronted with stories that test our confidence in justice, but we remember that loving in the struggle is an act of courage. Particularly in the queer community, celebrating love is exceptionally courageous, and therefore incredibly powerful,” Noelle de la Paz wrote.

In honor of that courage, Colorlines featured a clip from “Our Families,” “a new video series that paints an intimate portrait of LGBT people of color, answering the harsh angles and bold lines of cultural and family expectations with intentional tenderness. Basic Rights Oregon, a LGBT legislative and advocacy group, created the series to highlight the unique challenges and experiences of LGBT folks in our communities.”

In a press release about the campaign, Basic Rights Oregon explained:

“We believe all our families have so much in common:  we struggle to put healthy food on the table, get our kids a good education, and to overcome the discrimination that keeps our families down.  This is also true for LGBT families of color who face incredible struggles to keep their loved ones and themselves safe.”

Citing recent research, the organization points out that:

  • Black and Latino same-sex couples are twice more likely to be raising children than white same-sex couples, yet with far less money and resources than straight couples of color or white same-sex couples.
  • Unemployment rates for general transgender populations are twice the national average, with rates for transgender people of color up to four times the national rate.
  • Over 44% of LGBT students of color report being harassed based both on race and sexual orientation.

Our Families seeks to raise the visibility of LGBT families of color, highlighting their personal trials and triumphs and sharing their experiences.The campaign spoke with and interviewed families from Latino, African American, and Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Check out the videos below.

GLAAD has worked alongside Basic Rights Oregon for years, and is continually impressed with their great work.  Basic Rights Oregon understands the importance of showing the diversity of LGBT people and families and of ensuring that representations of our community are inclusive.

Our Families: LGBT Asian and Pacific Islander Stories

Our Families: LGBT African American Stories

Our Families: LGBT Latino Stories