In Colombia, a win for LGBT families







The Colombia Constitutional Court granted a victory to children with gay and lesbian parents in the country by ruling that sexual orientation could not be considered as an in impediment to adoption. "It is an unacceptable violation of her/his rights to deny a child a family based solely on the sexual orientation of the couple," read the ruling in part. "This decision is another step forward towards non-discrimination," said a spokesperson for Colombia Diversa, one of the leading LGBT rights organizations in the country. Today's decision comes at the end of a series of decisions beginning in 2010 that opened the way for family recognition. In 2010 one decision permitted a well-known out journalist to formally adopt a child he had long raised. Then in 2014 the court allowed a lesbian woman from Medellin to adopt her partner's biological child. However that decision did not clear the way for adoption of non-biological children. This decision removes the final barrier and creates "adoption equality" as the president of LGBT Pride in Colombia dubbed it in his remarks.

Families that already exist and those formed in the future can now formalize their status and therefore be protected by the court.