VIDEO: CNN's Baldwin and Berman hold Richard Land accountable for Boy Scouts Claims

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, tried his best to make gay people sound like dangerous predators - as we've seen a great many anti-gay activists do since news broke that the Boy Scouts of America was considering dropping its national ban on openly gay troops, leaders and volunteers.  Fortunately for the audience, CNN "Starting Point" anchors Brooke Baldwin and John Berman refused to let him get away with his monologue:


This is a little different from some of the acocuntability we have seen in the past.  Berman and Baldwin didn't haul out comments from Land's past so viewers would learn more about his patterns of engagement.  Instead, the anchors calmly and quietly challenged most everything Land put on the table.  They saw right through his obvious goal of connecting gays with child sexual abuse (despite his protests to the contrary) and reacted in the spirit his words deserved.  The anchors didn't talk over him—they simply refused to let their network serve as Richard Land's echo chamber.  Bravo.  

For more on Land and his body of anti-gay rhetoric, see his GLAAD CAP profile: Richard Land.

You can contact the Boy Scouts and tell them to end the ban here.

You can see a timeline of some of the most significant milestones in the decades-long effort to get this ban overturned, including highlights from GLAAD's involvement, here.