CNN grants Peter Sprigg undeserved platform, pass

Despite one of its anchors recently demonstrating that the network is aware of his call for criminal sanctions against homosexuality, CNN chose to again host Family Research Council staffer Peter Sprigg on air this morning without mentioning the true breadth of his views.  Here's the segment:

It's always offensive to hear someone who works to deny you of your rights tell you that you actually already have equal rights.  But when it comes from a man who has said, as plain as day and as flippantly as a careless school kid, that he sees "a place for criminal sanctions" against LGBT people, the whole thing takes on a new weight.  

Peter Sprigg has admitted that he would like LGBT people to have less rights and has done so in a very chilling way.  If there is a gauntlet laid out, it came from Peter and FRC.  President Obama is simply trying to lift us—all of us, regardless of orientation and indepdent of politics—above a fray that has already hurt us so much.  Peter Spriggs wants us to remain mired in a "culture war" that both pays his bills and gets him on air with prominent cable networks.