A closer look at Eisha Love and violence in Chicago

The Windy City Times published a third article in an investigative series about the arrest of Eisha Love and the subsequent murders of Paige Clay and Tiffany Gooden. Eisha Love was charged with first degree attempted murder after surviving a transphobic attack on Chicago's west side. Tiffany Gooden was with Eisha the day of the attack, during which one of the attackers suffered a leg injury when Eisha lost control of a car while being chased. Tiffany was found murdered in the same neighborhood months later. Paige Clay was also killed in that area as well. Eisha has claimed self-defense while sitting in a men's prison for over two years. 

Community members feel that the Chicago Police Department isn't investigating the possible connection between these events but are continuing to fight for justice for Eisha. Please be on the look out for the next article in the series which will be published in the upcoming week.