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College sweethearts: Inside the lives—and loves—of a new generation

February 15, 2018

Meet the young activists who are finding themselves and falling in love during the LGBTQ movement of the 21st century.

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GLAAD introduces amp, new series for LGBTQ youth

The digital series, amp is here, queer, and ready to give a new face to LGBTQ media.

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College students share advice to bullied LGBTQ youth

"You are loved, you are not at fault, and you are not alone in this battle."

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VIDEO: Check out the groundbreaking piece, "Our Bullies, Ourselves" by new LGBTQ digital platform "them"

Watch what happened when queer victims of bullying sat down with former bullies.

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You've seen her work, now hear her story: Carra Sykes on teaming up with Target for #SpiritDay, Ellen Page, and more

Target has teamed up with social media's favorite illustrator, Carra Sykes, to bring Spirit Day to life on October 19th. Get a sneak peak of her work and learn about the personal experiences with bullying that motivate her to support LGBTQ youth.

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Bi+ people deserve some extra #ComingOutAnthem love this National Coming Out Day

NSYNC might have the ultimate "bi" anthem, but we know a few more: check out the #ComingOutAnthem stories from some of GLAAD's bi+ staff members.

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GLAAD Campus Ambassadors share their #ComingOutAnthem

Gaga, Beyoncé, Carly Rae, oh my! GLAAD's network of young advocates share the songs that changed their lives using the hashtag #ComingOutAnthem.

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September 15, 2017

Let's bring LGBTQ pride #backtoschool

We've teamed up with Tumblr and the GLAAD Campus Ambassadors to share stories of love and acceptance for LGBTQIA and questioning students as they head #backtoschool. You should too!

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