Christina Kahrl highlights inspiring quotes from the Trans 100 for Cosmo

GLAAD Board Member and ESPN writer Christina Kahrl had her Cosmopolitan debut and wrote about quotes that inspired her at this weekend's Trans 100. In the piece, Kahrl said, "[O]ne of the most basic problems for trans folk has long been the absence of positive representations in this public conversation."

Kahrl highlighted a quote from writer Janet Mock, who said,  “We have different experiences, but trans women have experiences that do parallel with the whole fabric of what womanhood is. Embracing trans women, listening to their stories, enriches what womanhood is. It expands it and makes it even better.”

Kahrl also elevated quotes from model Geena Rocero, veteran Brynn Tannehill, and actress Laverne Cox.

Read the full piece at Cosmopolitan.