Christian band "Jars of Clay" frontman comes out as ally in 3 days of tweeting

Dan Haseltine is the lead singer of the popular Christian folk rock band, Jars of Clay. He's a songwriter, author, founder and board member of the non-profit Blood:Water Mission and, now, an ally to the LGBT community. Since Tuesday, he's been tweeting about marriage equality, loving LGBT people, and his Christian beliefs as support for being an ally.

It all started when Dan got to thinking about inequality during a long plane ride…

…which led him to share with the Twitterverse his support for marriage equality.

Dan hoped his tweets would get a conversation started with his followers about LGBT equality.

But when he started receiving anti-gay responses, Dan maintained his stance and called out the haters.

He reminded folks about Christianity's narrative of love.

Dan challenged those participating to embody love, not judgment, as a way to foster equality.

Dan's tweets continued to center around this topic for the next couple of days, but he started to drive home his message on Thursday morning.

The frontman of one of the most popular contemporary Christian bands, Dan's ongoing Twitter convo is not only challenging the misconception that religious communities are necessarily in opposition with the LGBT community; addiitonally, it challenges folks from those communities to engage in dialogue, to grow in understanding, and to think critically and intentionally about fostering love and equality. As Jars of Clay's music is often heard in Christian spaces as well as youth-oriented spaces, Dan's tweets may have a resounding impact, sparking conversations where they do not usually occur.

At the time this post was written, Dan's tweets are still coming. Check them all out at his account, @scribblepotemus.