Chobani becomes 3rd USOC sponsor to condemn Russia's anti-LGBT laws

Shortly after DeVry University issued a statement condemning Russia's anti-LGBT laws, a third sponsor has told CNBC that they oppose Russia's anti-LGBT laws. The yogurt maker Chobani now joins AT&T and DeVry University in speaking out in support of LGBT Russians.

CNBC broke the news via Twitter:

More than 40 leading advocacy organizations, including GLAAD, sent a joint letter to Olympic sponsors, urging the condemnation of Russia's law that has incited anti-LGBT violence and led to arrests and fines for LGBT and pro-LGBT people. Additionally, the letter called for the companies to actively promote equality before and during the games, to monitor human rights abuses at the Olympics, and to ensure future host countries uphold the Olympic Charter.

To learn more about what's happening in Russia, visit Media can reference GLAAD's Sochi Olympics Playbook.