Chicago radio station tweets slur about actress Laverne Cox

Yesterday was a whirlwind for actress and activist Laverne Cox. She made the cover of The Advocate, was nominated for an Emmy and featured in R&B singer John Legend's new video, "You and I". The song is about affirming all women and sends a powerful message of inclusion.

Chicago R&B ration station, WGCI and host UB Rodriguez both tweeted out a transphobic slur about Cox's inclusion in the video. The Advocate reported on the incident, prompting outcry from the LGBT community and allies alike. 

GLAAD has reached out to the radio station, speaking directly with the Vice President of Communications, Angela Ingram, who ensured they would address the issue. WGCI swiftly removed the tweet from its own Twitter feed. Some time later, radio personality UB Rodriguez, also deleted the tweet with the same slur. He sent a tweet stating:

UB also expressed willingness to continue communication with GLAAD about transgender people and the issues they face. GLAAD is continuing to work with WGCI and UB Rodriguez. Check back here for more developments.