Check out these four 'Steven Universe' episodes to get ready for the new movie!

The Cartoon Network hit animated series Steven Universe made history earlier this year as the first animated series to win a GLAAD Media Award in the Outstanding Kids & Family Programming category. The series has continuously broken new ground with positive queer representation in the animated . Now, Steven Universe The Movie premieres this Monday, September 2 on Cartoon Network. Check out a sneak peek below, and then look back at some of Steven Universe’s best queer moments!



Throwing it all the way back to season one, the episode “Alone Together” introduced the character Stevonnie, the fusion being that is created by the merging of Steven and his best friend Connie. Their fusion Stevonnie identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They are one of the only non-binary characters in kids and family programming, alongside Milo from Amazon’s Danger & Eggs. We can’t wait to see more of their story!



Pearl, one of the Gem beings who helped raise and train Steven, was in love with Steven’s mother Rose Quartz and remains committed to her, though Rose had long been believed to be dead. The episode “Mr. Greg” includes a touching song from Pearl (“It’s Over, Isn’t It”) as she croons about her struggles with grief and unrequited love, all while dressed in an elegant suit and top hat. As she processes this, she is able to talk with Steven’s father, Greg, about how hurt she was that Rose chose him over Pearl, and the two are able to finally craft a friendship.

Fan favorite Garnet, another of Steven’s Gem mother figures, was revealed as a fusion in the first season finale, “Jail Break.” Though Ruby and Sapphire fused accidentally the first time, they eventually fell in love and chose to remain together. Their ability to remain stable long-term as one fused being is a commentary on just how much the two love each other. In “The Answer” – which was also adapted into a stand-alone book and was nominated for an Emmy for Short Format Animation – Rose tells them that Ruby and Sapphire’s love is the answer to all her questions and influenced Rose to fight for her own right to exist.

In season five, Garnet unfuses when she learns that Rose had betrayed them all, and Ruby and Sapphire decide to spend some time to learn who they are as individuals. They eventually realize they still want to be together, and the episode “Reunited” sees the wedding of Ruby and Sapphire as their way of being together on their own terms outside of Rose’s betrayal. As Steven says, Garnet “is their love, given form.” The moment made history, and the episode is nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program category.

Don’t miss Steven Universe The Movie, Monday night on Cartoon Network!