Check out a sneak peek of the final issue of 'Midnighter and Apollo'

DC Comics' limited series run Midnighter and Apollo, which was recently nominated for a GLAAD Media Award, will release its sixth and final issue this Wednesday, March 1. Midnighter and Apollo were co-founders of the rogue superhero group The Authority, and were married and adopted a child together in that series. In the solo series Midnighter (2015), the two had broken up over conflict about Midnighter's violent nature, but Midnighter and Apollo has the couple reuniting and explores their relationship further as Midnighter works to recover Apollo's soul from a hell dimension and return safely to Earth. The six issues of Midnighter and Apollo will be released as a collected edition July 25, pre-order is available now.

GLAAD spoke with out writer Steve Orlando during the series' launch about the importance of LGBTQ representation in comics, check out what he had to say here. Of the finale, Orlando says, "The miniseries ends with queer characters standing up with a proud middle finger and a boot to the face of evil, refusing to accept hate, refusing to accept judgement, and fighting for their love. Midnighter and Apollo remind us we're stronger than ever, and ready to face whatever comes.” Check out a sneak peek of Midnighter and Apollo #6 below, and pick it up on Wednesday!