Celebs condemn Russia's anti-LGBT laws ahead of Sochi Winter Olympics

Last night, President Obama spoke with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and shared his frustration with anti-LGBT laws like those in place in Russia as the Sochi Winter Olympics grow closer. Celebrities including George Takei, Kerry Washington, Lady Gaga and Stephen Fry have spoken out against Russia's anti-LGBT laws recently.

Out actors George Takei and Stephen Fry have both penned moving letters calling for the Olympics to be moved to a different host city. Musicians Lady Gaga and Madonna, who are both currently being investigated in Russia for "violating their tourist visas" when they held concerts there last year where they spoke out against Russia's anti-LGBT laws.

Actresses Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Sophia Bush (Partners) commented on Twitter recently.

GLAAD is cooperating with several coalition partners on the Russian anti-LGBT laws and the Olympic Games. We are working with several Russian and Russian-speaking LGBT advocates to bring the stories of LGBT Russians to an American and international audience. We will also work with media outlets to ensure that coverage of the Olympics includes the backdrop of the anti-LGBT laws. By increased scrutiny and attention, we can protect LGBT people in Russia and around the world.