Celebrating Latinos' Crucial Role in LGBT Victories

GLAAD joins millions in celebrating the gains made for LGBT Americans in this election, including LGBT Latinos. Many LGBT Latinos and allies worked hard to ensure victory for equality.

Maine and Maryland passed marriage equality at the ballot box, while Washington is continuing to count ballots toward marriage equality. These three states mark the first time that marriage equality has been upheld by a voter referendum. Additionally, Maryland passed a state-wide version of the DREAM Act, which was also supported by LGBT advocates Alliances were formed to support both bills.

“We are thrilled that Question 6 and Question 4 were approved today in Maryland. LGBT people and their families are part of our Latino and immigrant communities and many young DREAMers are LGBT. This is a day of triumph for those of us who want a bright future for all Marylanders"

-Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA de Maryland, the state’s largest Latino and immigrant rights organization

“Yesterday, thousands of Maryland voters cast their votes for Questions 4 and 6 because it was the right and fair thing to do. The work of CASA and Equality Maryland to highlight same-sex immigrant couples and LGBT DREAMers resulted in both communities mutually supporting one another."

-Carrie Evans, executive director of Equality Maryland

“I am very happy to see Washington voters passing R-74 to affirm the state's marriage equality bill that passed earlier this year in the Legislature. I am proud to have voted for that bill then, and proud that my family, friends and the Latino community supported it now. I am also pleased that so many people of faith stepped forward to voice their support. We are seeing a sea change in attitudes across the country in support of gay marriage. We are moving toward a more loving and open society where everyone is valued and has the same rights as anyone else.

-Washington State Representative Luis Moscoso

"As across the country, Minnesota Latinos were a part of history.  We helped defeat two divisive constitutional amendments, one that would restrict voting rights and the other the freedom to marry. Our opponents tried to divide Latinos, but we stood with family and we stood with justice."

-Javier Morillo, Minnesotans United for All Families and president of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26

Leading up to Election Day, GLAAD worked to counter and expose anti-LGBT activists as they spent countless hours and millions of dollars spreading misinformation about LGBT families. GLAAD also brought the stories of loving and committed couples and our allies to voters across Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, helping Americans better understand the families at the heart of Tuesday's votes.

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