Celebrating the Black LGBTQ+ Community in 2022


Since the 1990s, Black Prides have served as spaces where Black LGBTQ+ people can gather, celebrate their intersectional identities, and surround themselves with others who look and identify the way they do. Black Prides are vibrant and jubilant celebrations of the culture and joy of the Black LGBTQ+ experience. 

Black Prides emerged out of a need for a Pride festival that would specifically center Black LGBTQ+ people. In addition to celebrating the community, Black Pride events also combat the marginalization and erasure that Black LGBTQ+ people often experience, as they acknowledge and uplift the immense contributions that Black LGBTQ+ people have made to LGBTQ+ culture and history. 

While allies and attendees of all diverse backgrounds are often welcomed at Black Pride, the celebrations tend to focus on creating a space where Black LGBTQ+ people can safely and comfortably address the specific and unique issues that impact the Black LGBTQ+ community. 

Black Prides across the globe are important and irreplaceable opportunities for unapologetically Black and unapologetically LGBTQ+ celebrations of culture and identity, and it’s never too late to take part in the festivities, which typically occur year-round. 

Check out our list of upcoming Black Pride weekends below.


U.S. Black Pride Events, August 2022 - November 2022:


Pacific Northwest Black Pride | Seattle, WA | August 18-21

South Carolina Black Pride: Together Again! | Columbia, SC | August 25-28

Dallas Southern Pride: Summer Jam Mega Party | Irving, TX | August 27


Atlanta Black Pride: Labor Day Rock | Atlanta, GA | August 31 - September 6

Kentucky Black Pride: 6th Annual Black Pride Festival | Lexington, KY | September 16-18



Nashville Black Pride | Nashville, TN | October 7-9

Charleston Black Pride: “Walk in Your Truth” | Charleston, SC | October 28 - November 1


Jackson Black Pride | Jackson, MS | November 17-20


To catch other Black Pride events happening across the country this year, visit the Center for Black Equity's website here.