Catholics Mobilize to Challenge Hierarchy's Position on LGBT People

The past week has brought several developments that have highlighted the growing disparity between the Roman Catholic hierarchy and everyday Catholics on issues that affect and concern LGBT people.

According to the GLAAD study, ‘Missing Voices’, over half of Catholics featured in the media communicate negative messages about LGBT people. This is despite the fact that 71% of everyday Catholics are highly supportive of LGBT people.  The report and the following stories demonstrate that the pro-LGBT Catholic voice is underrepresented in mainstream media.

  • Tonight, DignityUSA is hosting the next installment of an online faith-sharing series Queer Catholic Faith, featuring an hour-long conversation with prominent members of the LGBT and allied Catholic community Tonight’s presentation features Hilary Howes, a transgender Catholic woman who transitioned after she married and had a child. She and her family weave a journey of tremendous faith, fidelity and integrity. In the coming months, the series will feature Fr. John McNeill and Mary E. Hunt.
  • Yesterday, Joseph Amodeo launched a petition to ask Cardinal Timothy Dolan to meet with and affirm the humanity and identity of LGBT youth, as well as their place within the Catholic Church. The petition has already gathered over 1,250 signatures. Amodeo hopes to ignite a groundswell of support for LGBT youth in need, which could facilitate a historic meeting between Cardinal Dolan and homeless LGBT youth. You can add your own name to the petition to tell Cardinal Dolan that you support LGBT youth in need.
  • Finally, Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption, a film documenting the LGBT and Catholic-themed play, Corpus Christi, will begin a nation-wide tour with a premiere at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theater on April 29. The contemporary passion play depicts Jesus and his disciples as LGBT people. The film, which documents the controversial and historic productions of the staged play, is itself causing continued conversation and debate among Catholic circles.

GLAAD continues to support and amplify the voice of pro-LGBT Catholics and highlighting Roman Catholic support for LGBT people. GLAAD encourages all Roman Catholics to continue to take action. Affirming faithful voices are needed. Please participate in Dignity’s series, signing the petition, or viewing a screening of Corpus Christi