Cardinal Compares Gays to KKK, Fox Affiliate to Re-Air Interview on Christmas

UPDATE: Chicago Affiliate Defends Cardinal/KKK Interview, To Re-air on Christmas

Carol Fowler, news director of Fox affiliate WFLD, defended their interview of Cardinal Francis George. She believes that the anchors did push back against Cardinal George in a forceful and appropriate way. (Following his statement anchor Dane S. Placko responded: "That's a little strong analogy, isn't it? Ku Klux Klan?")

Fowler said that understood the criticism and outcry but that the station planned to re-air the interview on Christmas anyway.

Millions of Catholics agree that gay and transgender people should be treated with the same respect and dignity as all people. GLAAD calls on WFLD to provide airtime to voices of faith who support this tenet of love and respect for all, not simply to Cardinal Francis George.

Local affiliate WFLD Fox News Chicago recently interviewed Cardinal Francis George on a proposed change to the Chicago Pride Parade, which has been rerouted to accommodate larger crowds and will now pass in front of a Catholic church. Cardinal George's remarks, which compared LGBT people to the KKK are outrageous and dangerous.

"You don't want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism." he said on FOX Chicago Sunday .

GLAAD is calling news outlets to include one of the countless pro-LGBT voices of faith in news coverage around the story.

Nearly 75% of Catholics are supportive of equal protections for LGBT people. In fact, there are a vast number of gay and transgender people who are devout Catholics. The LGBT movement is in no way anti-Catholic.

GLAAD stands with the Chicago-based Civil Rights Agenda and the Catholic group Equally Blessed in condemning Cardinal George's remarks and calling for fair and accurate reporting on the LGBT and Catholic communities.

"The vast majority of Catholics agree that LGBT people are as welcome in the church as anyone else," said Ross Murray, Director of Religion, Faith and Values with GLAAD. "At at time when Christians around the world are celebrating love and peace, the Cardinal's remarks about the KKK seem particularly out of touch."

GLAAD calls on responsible news outlets to cover this story and respond to claims of this nature. GLAAD frequently acts as a resource for journalists by linking them to LGBT and allied Catholics who can speak to these issues. GLAAD encourages our constituents to continue to monitor this story and report any problematic coverage.