California legislators urge Scouts to be more inclusive

California lawmakers on Tuesday nixed a resolution that would honor the Boy Scouts, instead opting for a measure pushing the org to adopt more LGBT-friendly policies, The L.A. Times reported on Tuesday.

After voting down 3-7 a measure that would have honored the Scouts on the group’s 102nd anniversary, the CA Assembly Judiciary Committee passed a resolution urging the Scouts "to accept for membership and leadership positions all qualified boys and men, without discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or religious belief."

The move comes just weeks after Ohio mom Jennifer Tyrrell was booted as leader of her son’s Boy Scouts troop because she’s gay. More than a quarter million people have signed Tyrrell’s petition calling on the Scouts to end its discriminatory policies.

Starting later this week, Jennifer and GLAAD will be calling on Americans to send a Mother’s Day message to the Boy Scouts, asking that they affirm all loving mothers. For more information, visit