Caitlyn Jenner partners with MAC to raise funds for transgender organizations

On Friday, MAC announced a partnership with Caitlyn Jenner to raise funds for transgender advocacy work. According to MAC, one hundred percent of the sales of Jenner's limited-edition signature shade lipstick, called Finally Free, will go to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative to expand its support, through grants, to organizations working to improve the lives of transgender people. Finally Free will launch on April 7, exclusively on

In an interview with MAC, Jenner reflected on her own experience as a transgender woman, saying, "I’ve learned that I am the exception to the rule; I certainly am not the rule… So, it’s been eye-opening. I realize that I’m in a position where I can help people who are really struggling by creating a platform and bringing exposure to the issue."

Along with the release of Finally Free, the MAC AIDS Fund also announced that they are working with filmmaker Silas Howard, a transgender man who recently directed episodes of Amazon's Transparent and MTV's Faking It, to develop a documentary video series that will share more stories of transgender people and the critical issues they face.