Bryan Fischer, for the record, does not think LGBT people should be burned in ovens

GLAAD's Special Projects Consultant, Jeremy Hooper, helps GLAAD track the anti-LGBT industry for our Commentator Accountability Project. He wades through some of the most extreme rhetoric.

Well, some extreme rhetoric came from a Russian actor, Ivan Okhlobystin, who recently said that LGBT people should be burned in ovens. Bryan Fischer backed away from that comment, but Jeremy called him on his role in creating such violent rhetoric.. Read the rest, courtesy of Jeremy's Good As You blog:

Linking to the story about the Russian actor who says all gay people should be burned alive, one the United State's most rhetorically vicious opponents of LGBT rights and freedom tweeted the following:


No, most voices of anti-LGBT animus don't want to burn gays alive. Obviously.

But this senior American Family Association staffer is someone who, after addressing and casually stopping short of a death penalty, has called for gay people to be criminalized and rounded up so that we can "break their habit." Couple this with the rest of Bryan's rhetoric and it is very easy to see how his stirring of the pot can lead a less stable mind to go from pot to oven.