Brown & Out Festival to begin February 9th in L.A.

Brown & Out Fest IV will take place February 9th- March 4th at the Casa 0101 Theater in Los Angeles. This theatrical event has served to celebrate the LGBTQ Latinx community. Last spring, Real Women Have Curves writer Josefina López taught an LGBTQ playwritting workshop in Boyle Heights and helped students create 10 short plays. As an organization, they hope the productions will help increase a sense of community for LGBTQ Latinx people by portraying them with actors who look and identify like them. The following ten plays will be featured with a special Valentine’s Day performance on February 14th at 8pm.

  • He Said, She Said, They Said by Jaime Mayorquin
  • Girl Misinterpreted by Josefina López
  • Twinks & Boobs MC by Raymond Arturo Perez
  • L. U. G. by Claudia Duran
  • Angelito by Gilbert Salazar
  • Scratching the Surface by Patricia Zamorano
  • When Boyz Cry by Abel Alvarado
  • Almost Family by Matthew Benjamin Ramos
  • Young Dudes by Corky Dominguez
  • Cochino by Richard Villegas Jr.

For more ticket information follow this link.