"Britain is sending my bisexual son to his death"

Societies across the globe love polarization: Male or Female; Colored or White; Gay or Straight. Understandably, this binary system ("one or the other") can cause some serious issues for those who do not implicitly fit in an "either/or" category.

Most commonly, within the continuum of sexual orientation, bisexual people are often faced with conflict because they are neither gay nor straight--whatever those words actually mean. According to findings compiled by the Williams Institute, a little more than half of all LGB individuals are bisexual, and women are substantially more likely to identify as bisexual than men.

So, this poll data taken in conjuction with known societal tendencies, as well as my own personal and interpersonal understandings, leads me to the claim that bisexual people's sexual orientation is often discredited because we have difficulty in framing our sexuality as a fixed characteristic.

I like to use Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle as a point of comparison: In short, Heisenberg found that small particles will act a certain way on their own, but once the particles are observed, their velocity will change and this makes quantum physicists very frustrated. Similarly, many bisexual people enjoy their feelings of attraction wherever they may lie--as do straight and gay people from what I've been told--but once bisexual people are asked to qualify their orientation in a way that other people feel entitled to understand, we often struggle to provide an accurate iteration of something we struggle to fully understand ourselves.

It is an unfortunate reality that bisexual people face even more social challenges and hurdles than their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Politically, however, the all encompassing "sexual orientation" puts us all on equal ground... or so I thought.

Orashia Edwards fled his home country of Jamaica to escape; his bisexuality made him a target for anti-LGBT violence. So, he sought asylum in the United Kingdom, which he received for a time only for it to be denied later on because --get ready-- the UK government felt Edwards was dishonest about being a bisexual man. Or, in other words, Edwards is simply not gay enough. There was no discernable justification for the government to perceive Edwards as being dishonest about his sexuality, so many, including GLAAD, are viewing this as a life-threatening situation rooted in bi-denial.

Because Edwards's asylum was rescinded (after 14 years of living in Leeds, England!!), he is now being forced to return to Jamaica where multiple news outlets have received submissions from their consumers calling for Edwards to be attacked, "punished" because of his sexual orientation.

As his mother, Vienna Brown, tearfully stated, "The UK government [is] giving him a death sentence just for being who he is."

Leeds for Change, a local British do-good organization, has successfully campaigned in the past to prevent Orashia Edwards's deportation, and they are again taking action to keep him in England where his bisexuality is less likely to put him in a grave.

Bisexuality is easily deniable to those who buy in to binaries, but the one binary that Edwards is facing is Life and Death. And as it stands now for him, there is no in between.

‘The UK government are giving him a death sentence for being who he is.’ - See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/britain-sending-my-bisexual-son-his-d...
‘The UK government are giving him a death sentence for being who he is.’ - See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/britain-sending-my-bisexual-son-his-d...