Brian Brown extends his anti-LGBT activism across the globe

We all know that National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown has recently spent time in France and Russia, encouraging those nations to oppose marriage equality and same-sex adoption. New evidence suggests that Brian, losing so fully and clearly here at home, is planning to make an even bigger push onto the international stage.  Let's examine.

In December of last year, the NOM prez joined the board of directors of an organization called CitizenGO:

CitizenGO, which is based in Madrid (where Brian recently delivered a speech), is essentially a petitioning platform focused on global issues.  In addition to considerable focus on marriage inequality, CitizenGO also promotes and/or directs campaigns in support of speakers who claim that "homosexual activists have played a integral role in the rise of Fascist politics, including Nazism," against the World Health Organization's supposed "promotion" of homosexuality, against Canadian pride parades, and much more.  As you can see, CitizenGO has its eyes fixed all over the world and on all of the planet's LGBT people:

[SOURCE: @CitizenGO]

CitizenGO even hosts a petition in support of radical international figure Scott Livelyone that describes homosexuality as "morally wrong and harmful to individuals and society."  It's clear what kind of world CitizenGo is trying to create.  It is now all attached to Brian Brown and to NOM.

But wait, there's more.  It turns out that Brian is not just on the board of CitizenGO.  Instead, it appears that the organization Brian runs in tandem with NOM, the conservative rallying platform called ActRight, has absorbed CitizenGO as its own.  The CitizenGo logo now reads, "CitizenGo: Member of the ActRight Family":


It seems like Brian is really trying to get himself out there as an international figure.  Perhaps the funds are drying up too much here at home, it's possible he thinks that worldwide "success" might lead to similar blowback here in the US, or maybe Brian just enjoys travel.  I'll leave that for you to decide.

But before I leave you, I will close with one last little nugget that should tell you all you need to know about Brian's mission (i.e. NOM's mission), his new international partners, and the global threat to LGBT people.  You see, it turns out CitizenGo has officially endorsed the ignominious Russian law against gay "propaganda."  Another one of Brian's partners, The World Congress of Families (which, in addition to bringing Brian to Russia, counts a number of American partners, ranging from Focus on the Family to Peter LaBarbera's AFTAH), also signed on as an official supporter of this heinous law:

Statement in Support of Russia With Signing Entities

It's getting harder and harder for these "protect marriage" folks to hide the fingerprints.  Even through language barriers, we can see what's going on.  It's increasingly clear that groups like NOM and figures like Brian have absolutely no intention in stopping at marriage or in America.  The threat is much broader, and the web of connectivity is undeniable.