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New York Times profiles trans people in pop culture

The New York Times published a piece highlighting trans people making waves in the pop culture world. The piece profiles model Valentijn de Hingh, artists Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker, author and advocate Janet Mock, and Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox.Read More

Poll: Majority of young Republicans support marriage equality

A new poll from Pew Research Center found that 61% of Republicans under the age of 30 support marriage equality.Read More

Report: Brooklyn Nets to sign Jason Collins for remainder of season

Multiple sources told that the Brooklyn Nets will sign Jason Collins for the remainder of the season. Read More

VIDEO: Honey Maid's "Wholesome" ad includes gay dads

Honey Maid has released a delightful new ad that celebrates diverse families, including one with two dads. Read More

Michele Bachmann claims gay community bullied the American public

Minnesota congresswoman and failed presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has claimed that the "gay community have so bullied the American people." Read More

Hotty Toddy! Oxford, Mississippi passes pro-LGBT resolution

Oxford, Mississippi unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the dignity and worth of all residents, including those in the LGBT community. Read More

The Queen has spoken: Elizabeth congratulates LGBT organization on 40 years

Queen Elizabeth II spoke out and praised an LGBT organization, in what many say is her first ever time doing so. Read More
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