BREAKING: Trump Administration May Rollback Key Component of Nation’s Anti-Discrimination Laws

Administration is considering revocation of “disparate impact” regulations, which protect marginalized communities from unintended discrimination

GLAAD’s Sarah Kate Ellis: “These attacks on LGBTQ and other marginalized people must stop.”

NEW YORK – GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, today condemned the Trump Administration after a new report suggested the government is considering the rollback of “disparate impact” regulations within the country’s anti-discrimination laws. Under “disparate impact,” a person would have legal protections should they experience unintended discrimination in housing, education, or other ways of life (like access to quality transportation).

The leaked memo by the Justice Department is the latest example of the Trump Administration’s efforts to undermine and create unnecessary obstacles for marginalized communities, including LGBTQ Americans. According to GLAAD’s Trump Accountability Project (TAP), the memo marks the 88th time President Trump has attacked LGBTQ people in policy and rhetoric since taking office.

“Either the Trump Administration is blissfully ignorant or just simply unwilling to understand the depth of discrimination that exists in the United States. But one thing is certain: if you are a part of a marginalized community, President Trump wants nothing to do with you,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. “These attacks on LGBTQ and other marginalized people must stop.”

President Trump and his administration have worked to erase LGBTQ people from the fabric of this nation since the start of 2017. GLAAD has tracked the Trump Administration and every anti-LGBTQ action with its Trump Accountability Project. For more about these, go to