'Breaking Myths' Filmmakers Fernando Grostein Andrade And Fernando Siqueira Talk "Catastrophic Masculinity" Of Brazil's President Jair Bolsnaro

Brazilian filmmakers Fernando Grostein Andrade and Fernando Siqueira have released their documentary Breaking Myths (Quebrando Mitos in Portuguese) and it couldn’t come at a more urgent time as the country’s current president, Jair Bolsonaro, is making it unsafe for LGBTQ people to live there.

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos chatted with Andrade and Siqueira about the new documentary as it puts a glaring spotlight on the “catastrophic masculinity” and homophobia of Bolsonaro, who many have dubbed the “Trump of Brazil”. The filmmaking duo have been openly against the Bolsonaro and have since received death threats as a result. Ramos talked to them about the documentary an how it is important for them and their country.

Because they feel unsafe, the two no longer can return to Brazil. They are now based in California and hope that the documentary will influence the upcoming elections in Brazil, which take place on October 2. Watch the film here.