Brazilian LGBT community suffers under congressional inaction

LGBT Brazilians, like U.S. LGBT people, are facing inaction in their National Congress. An anti-discrimination bill focused on hate crimes has been introduced the past 12 years, but some legislators are refusing to show up for a vote. While they wait and estimated 4,055 LGBT people have lost their lives in the intervening period to bias related violence, according to gay advocates in Bahia, and many of their killers go unpunished.

Brazilian advocates are saying that it is better that these legislators renounce their posts if they cannot represent the people who elected them. Carlos Magno, president of the LGBT Association in Brazil is particularly concerned with the wave of religious fundamentalism that is impacting politics in the country and television in the country's living rooms. 70 deputies and 3 senators are now part of the Brazilian Evangelical Caucus according to Querioz longtime Brazilian activist. See his informative article that describes the political situation here:

Magno asks how it is possible for parliamentary members who are also pastors to conduct their functions as representatives and commissioners responsible for the citizenship and human rights of all their constituents.

You can read Magno's piece in Portuguese here: