Bravo’s “Family Karma” cast member Amrit and his boyfriend discuss their parents’ journeys towards LGBTQ acceptance in season finale

April 24, 2020

On Sunday, Bravo’s docuseries Family Karma will air its season finale. Family Karma follows the lives of seven young Indian-American friends, bonded by their cultural ties and vibrant social lives in Miami. The series is the first all-Indian cast in an American docuseries, and features an openly gay cast member named Amrit.

In an exclusive clip from the finale, Amrit and his boyfriend Nicolas share an intimate conversation about being gay with their own cultures and religions, and how their parents have sometimes struggled to accept their sexuality. Check out the exclusive clip below:

Throughout the series, the cast of Family Karma juggles between maintaining the cherished customs instilled in them by their parents and grandparents and navigating through the pressures of adulthood in America.

The season finale of Family Karma airs on Bravo on Sunday, April 26 at 9pm ET.