Boston guarantees access to transgender healthcare for city employees

Last Wednesday, the Boston Globe reported that the Boston City Council unanimously passed an ordinance, proposed by Councilors Michelle Wu and Ayanna Pressley, to guarantee healthcare, from gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy to mental health services, for transgender municipal employees and their dependents. The ordinance will "prohibit the city from contracting with any health insurer that denies coverage or 'discriminates in the amount of premium, policy fees, or rates charged…because of gender identity or expression.'"

Councilor Michelle Wu said, "This is a matter of equity and of fairness, but it's also the best economic policy." Adding this coverage will be at minimal cost to the city.

Pressley has said about the ordinance, "We can't be a world-class city if anyone is made to feel like a second-class citizen." 

Hopefully, this trans-inclusive change in city law will be adopted by New York City as well, where trans-inclusion has been spotty

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