Bodybuilders against bullying prove they've #GotYourBack

Openly gay YouTube vloggers Davey Wavey and Raymond Braun interviewed straight bodybuilders to discuss LGBT bullying. In each video, seven world class body builders and fitness athletes open up to the camera to prove to youth why bullying doesn't make them stronger. Most of the bodybuilders in the videos reveal how they have been bullied at some point in their lives. One of the bodybuilders, Brad Rowe, even discusses how he was bullied when he was younger because his dad is gay. Check out why these straight bodybuilder's have #GotYourBack by watching the videos below:


YouTube creators and vloggers like Davey Wavey and Raymond Braun show how the online community can be an accepting space for LGBT people. Previously, YouTube's #ProudToLove and #ProudToPlay campaigns have demonstrated YouTube's open support of the LGBT community. To show your support for the LGBT community, join GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign. When LGBT people and allies speak out, hearts and minds open. Your voice is critical to increasing the acceptance of LGBT people. Speak out now and show the world the importance of LGBT acceptance.

Also visit to learn more about how you can support LGBT youth and end bullying through GLAAD's upcoming #spiritday.