Bob the Drag Queen, Peppermint, and Black Queer Town Hall help Pennsylvanians vote

Every single vote in the 2020 election will count, and the Presidential Election is going to come down to a handful of swing states, including Pennsylvania. Your voice and your vote is vital, and you should make a plan to make sure you are heard. In that spirit, Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint released "The Most Office," an extraordinary and effective voting tutorial for Pennsylvania voters.

The Black Queer Town Hall video features Bob and Peppermint singing through the importance of voting and emphasizing the safety in vote by mail. The second verse spotlights Pennsylvania voters in their various counties, emphasizing their significance in this election, while reminding voters of key dates and their voter rights in showing up to polls or voting by mail.

Black Queer Town Hall is a platform committed to celebrating excellence by cultivating community, sharing knowledge, and uplifting voices in culture. GLAAD and NYC Pride previously worked with Black Queer Town Hall earlier this year for a powerful three-night virtual Pride event featuring a host of Black LGBTQ talent and advocates

The Most Office includes special appearances by Wanda Sykes and Virtue's Head of Creative, Americas, Genie Gurnani. The iconic video is directed by Jake Wilson and was created in partnership with Virtue, the agency born from VICE. The song also features DJ Mitch Ferrino. 

Both Bob The Drag Queen and Peppermint spoke out about the project:

Bob The Drag Queen said, “The Most Office was created to help people understand how to vote by mail. Black Queer Town Hall is dedicated to uplifting black queer voices, and Pepp and I are so excited to do this project."

Peppermint added, “Changing your environment takes participation. I believe voting is a very important part of it. Pennsylvania is my heart. I'm proud of being a New Yorker but I was never more disappointed about not being able to vote in PA after 2016. YOU KNOW THE DRILL, every county is so beautifully different from the next. Make sure you rep your county Pennsylvania! Let's bring this one home. everyone get out and vote.”

Genie Gurnani also sent a message to LGBTQ and BIPOC voters, “Working with Bob and Peppermint to create The Most Office has been a sequined, glittering, lash-glued adventure. Especially for me since I’m in the video as a dancing mailbox. But I know I speak for the entire Virtue crew when I say: we’re doing this because it matters to us. There are people out there that don’t want BIPOC or LGBTQ+ communities to vote. They don’t want us to swing Pennsylvania. Well, The Most Office is here to make sure the people know what’s up.”

The Most Office is available to watch on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, plus the song is available for download and listening on Spotify and Apple Music/iTunes. If you’re inspired by The Most Office, be sure to visit GLAAD's Voting Action Center for ways you can mobilize LGBTQ voters.