Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Tina Long

LGBT parenting blog Mombian, which received a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog, is taking Monday, June 3rd to show the world for the 8th year in a row that LGBT families are just as loving, supportive and valuable to our communities as straight families. Mombian is asking LGBT families, straight allies and all other supporters to write and submit to, a blog post on any topic relating to LGBT families. 

Tina Long and her family shared their story about love and acceptance as one of the five families followed by the documentary film Bully. 

We have always raised our kids to believe that there is good and bad in every race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  

We always told them, "We don't care who you bring, white, girl, boy...just make sure he/she is a good person and will treat you with kindness and respect." That's why my children never cared if another was gay, never cared about color or religion. We encouraged them to go to as many churches as possible to decide for themselves what religion they wanted to entertain.  We don't have gay children.  But, if we did, that would be accepted.  We would love them for who they are.  When Tyler committed suicide in 2009, it broke our spirit.  Troy and Teryn had always made home his "safe place" because they knew what it was like for him at school.  David and I are so proud of the people that we raised.  Proud that they are accepting of all.  We hope that they will in turn give their children an open and honest home that allows them to be just who they are.