Blogging for #LGBTFamilies: Rev. David Eck

LGBT parenting blog Mombian, which received a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog, is taking Monday, June 3rd to show the world for the 8th year in a row that LGBT families are just as loving, supportive and valuable to our communities as straight families.  Mombian is asking LGBT families, straight allies and all other supporters to write and submit to, a blog post on any topic relating to LGBT families.

Rev. David Eck has been the pastor of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church in Ashville, NC, since 1993. Pastor Dave is also a PRN Chaplain for Mission Hospital where he received the Departmental MERIT in Motion Award for September 2009.   He is a singer/songwriter who has released a number of worship CDs as well as devotional and liturgical materials.  Pastor Dave is also a featured blogger on the Living Lutheran web site and is also a part of the WNC Blog network.  You can view his blog HERE.

Biological families and the families of our choosing

Everyone in this world has two families: the family we are born with and the family we make.  Our biological family is only the beginning of the journey.  Along the way, we form deep friendships, fall in love, and perhaps have children and grandchildren.  This "new" family is the family of our choosing.  With love and commitment, with wise choices, this new family becomes a tremendous blessing in our lives.

I am fortunate to have an amazing "new" family.  My husband Gary and I have been together for twenty years.  We fostered two children, one of whom made me a grandfather for the first time.  I have an amazing group of friends who have supported my family in good times and in bad.  I also pastor a church whose members have surrounded my family with their love and prayers.  Life is rich and beautiful.

It always amazes me when people see my "new" family as the force that is unraveling our society.  We're no different than any other family.  We laugh.  We love.  We share our joys and sorrows.  We make time in our busy schedules for each other.  We all go to church.  We try to make the world a better place.

My dream for my new granddaughter is that she will grow up in a world where when she tells her peers she has two granddaddy's they'll respond, "That's nice.  Now let's go outside and play!"  It should be no big deal and, hopefully, one day soon, my dream will come true.