Black and Latino Pride Celebrations Around the U.S.

This June, many cities around the United States will be hosting Black and Latino Gay Prides--and will continue to carry on the celebration of the LGBT movement throughout the year. Come and support in a city near you! For more information, please visit the International Federation of Black Prides.

In addition, come and join GLAAD in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles as we march together to stand up for equality. Visit our site for more information and to RSVP.

Portland Black Pride
Portland, OR
June 6 – 12

Washington, District of Columbia Latino Pride; 6th Annual DC Latino Pride:  Presented by the Latino GLBT History Project (LHP).
Washington, DC
June 8

Chicago, Illinois Latino Pride
LGBTQQ Pride Picnic at Humboldt Park
Chicago, IL
June 12

Memphis, TN Black Pride
Memphis, TN
June 14 – 17

Harlem Pride 2012
New York, NY
June 22 – 24

South Carolina Black Pride
Columbia, SC
June 22 – 25

Chicago Windy City Black LGBT-SGL Pride
Chicago, IL
June 29 - July 4