#BiWeek: GLAAD co-leads nationwide campaign celebrating bisexuality

This year, GLAAD and BiNet USA will once again participate in BiWeek, a week-long national campaign from September 20-26 that draws attention to the stories, challenges, and public policy concerns facing bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and queer people.

In honor of BiWeek, GLAAD will be releasing original and sharable content throughout the campaign that will engage the bi community and its allies. Today, GLAAD officially launched glaad.org/bisexual, a space dedicated to its advocacy for the bi community that also spotlights the work of leading bi advocates like the Bisexual Resource Center. Tomorrow, GLAAD will announce its participation in a vital event dedicated to improving the well-being of the bi community.

"Bisexual Awareness Week is a wonderful tool to increase the visibility of an often overlooked community," said Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO and President of GLAAD. "By taking time to focus on issues that this community faces, we can further accelerate acceptance of bisexuality."

Many within the bi community often face underreported or unreported issues and challenges; from health disparities to physical violence, anxiety, depression, poverty, and more, and at a higher rate than their gay, lesbian, and straight peers. BiWeek aims to increase visibility, education, and awareness of the bi community's needs, as well as its many achievements, collectively and individually.

In a statement, Faith Cheltenham, President of BiNet USA said:

In a world increasingly acknowledging the complexity of human sexuality, including bisexuality and sexual fluidity, BiNet USA is thrilled to support a national conversation that accelerates the cultural acceptance of our community. This year’s awareness week has garnered unprecedented support from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations who are committed to amplifying the voices of bisexual people, who are often rendered invisible in the media and public spheres.

One of the biggest events surrounding this exciting campaign is a panel discussion featuring comedian Ian Harvie (Transparent), YouTubers RJ Aguilar and Connor Manning and Los Angeles Bi Task Force co-founder Dr. Mimi Hoang. These media experts from within the bi community will explore bi representation in the media as a way to advance cultural acceptance. Taking place at the Los Angeles LGBT Center on September 23 (Celebrate Bisexuality Day), the panel is part of the annual LA Bi Art Fest, organized by the Los Angeles Bi Task Force.

Get involved with BiWeek and its nationwide campaign. This year's BiWeek celebration will include events like the Los Angeles Bisexual panel discussion all over the country. Check to see what events may be happening near you. You can also show your support by just spreading the word about #BiWeek on social media, and educating yourself and others about the bi community. Learn more ways to get involved at glaad.org/biweek2015