Bishop Gene Robinson on Media Matters Radio: NOM has No Respect for LGBT People

On Friday, September 29, Bishop Gene Robinson went on Media Matters Radio to discuss the National Organization for Marriage’s continued opposition to LGBT equality and their use of religion, particularly against marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. Robinson made headlines in 2003 when he became the first openly gay man to be elected to the position of Episcopal Bishop. He has served the Diocese of New Hampshire since 2004 and plans to retire in 2013. He and husband Mark Andrews have been a couple since 1988 and entered into a civil union when those became legal in New Hampshire in 2008. Marriage equality became legal in his home state in 2010, and in 2011 all civil unions performed there became marriages.

Bishop Robinson notes that NOM claims that it is not an anti-gay organization, but the organization shows no respect for LGBT people in any regard and now is attempting to punish those republicans in New York who joined the majority in favor of marriage equality by unseating them. Robinson also addresses NOM’s claim that marriage equality destabilizes “straight marriage.” He notes that he has never actually encountered a straight couple who feels that their marriage is directly threatened by Robinson and his husband, or any other gay or lesbian married couple, for that matter.

In less than three minutes, Bishop Robinson gets to the heart of NOM’s fictitious claims about its goals and dismantles their arguments against marriage equality. GLAAD commends Bishop Robinson on his always-intelligent and insightful defense of marriage equality and his equally acute criticisms of anti-LGBT organizations like NOM.