Billboard celebrates Pride Month with first ever Pride issue release, Troye Sivan lands cover.

Billboard makes a monumental move this week in celebration of LGBTQ pride. The publication has officially released its first ever Pride issue, featuring Award-winning LGBTQ singer-songwriter Troye Sivan as this week's cover star. This is especially important considering Billboard's recent win for Best Magazine at this year's 29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards ceremony in New York. 

In this issue, the 2017 GLAAD Stephen F. Kolzak recipient opens up with details about his relationship with an older man at the age of 17, his upcoming collaboration with Ariana Grande, on being the embodiment of gay culture emerging into the mainstream, his upcoming album, and more. 

When asked about how his upcoming album, Bloom, slated for an August 31st release, compares to his 2015 debut, Sivan responded: “Before, I had to write so much more just to find these moments where I felt like I got what I wanted. Whereas this time, everything fell into place a lot easier. I just had much more of a vision. I wanted it to be, like, a love letter.”

Billboard also highlights trans soul singer Shea Diamond in a candid interview about finding her voice in a number of men's correctional facilities over the span of a decade, only to emerge ready to share her talents with the world and her activism with her community. 

She has gone on to collaborate with the extraordinary Justin Tranter, songwriter, musician and GLAAD Board Member, for her upcoming EP, Seen It All. Other prominent LGBTQ-focused stories featured in the issue explore the topic of the cultural whitewashing of EDM as its influence ties heavily into the black gay male community, how out lesbian frontwoman for The Internet, Syd, wants to be "a pioneer" for queer women, and so much more.

Billboard's Pride 2018 issue is avaialble today, June 15, 2018. 

Billboard cover photographed on May 15 at Malibu Canyon Ranch in Calabasas, CA. Styling by Karen Levitt. Grooming by Dustin Baker. Prop Styling by Justin Fry. Shot by Ramona Rosales exclusively for Billboard.