"Bi the way, our health matters too!" – It's Bisexual Health Awareness Month!

Today officially marks the kick-off of Bisexual Health Awareness Month, brought to you by the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC). This year's theme, "Bi the Way, Our Health Matters Too!", will address disparities in physical and mental health facing the bisexual community. Created by the US' oldest nationally-focused bi organization, Bisexual Health Awareness Month is the first social media campaign to address this topic.

Each week, different themes regarding bi folks' health will be explored, starting with "Mental Health & Biphobia," followed by "Safer Sex & Sexual Health," "Nutrition & Physical Activity," and, finally, "Intimate Partner Violence & Sexual Violence." Urging for relevant research and effective services will be an integral aspect of these topics.

"Bisexuals have traditionally been misunderstood, marginalized, and discriminated against in both heterosexual and LGBT spaces. Despite actively working within the LGBT equality movement for decades, bisexuals are often erased and considered a small subgroup of the community," Ellyn Ruthstrom, BRC President, said in a press statement. "Yet, the Williams Institute has found that approximately half of self-identified LGBT Americans identify as bisexual. This reluctance to address the needs of a large part of the community has resulted in many bisexuals feeling alienated and alone, which contributes to a high incidence of depression, substance abuse, suicide and other high-stress indicators."

She added, "Our community is suffering and we can no longer afford to be the invisible majority of the LGBT community."

Bisexual Health Awareness month highlights the multifaceted hurdles—systemic, communal, and personal—of bisexual health, but the campaign's existence demonstrates the healing power in community-based support, advocacy, awareness, and dialogue. In bringing attention to these issues, BRC is creating an interconnected safe space in which people who are bi and their allies can unite in order to thrive.  

BRC launched the campaign today with a 12-hour Tweet-a-thon via its Twitter account, @BRC_Central. You can contribute to the conversation all month long using #bihealthmonth and by following updates on Facebook. Check out what people are already saying about bisexual people's health:

What will you do for Bisexual Health Awareness Month?