Become one more spokesperson for equality and acceptance, says video

A new video released by Equality Florida directs a message from children and parents in Florida who are part of the LGBT and allied Latino community to the broader Latino community asking them to speak out for equality. Marriage equality came to the Sunshine State in January as a judge lifted the stay allowing couples to marry, but advocates note that there is much left to accomplish. A recent battle over proposed legislation that would have allowed adoption agencies to turn away prospective parents due to the workers' religious views demonstrates the need for more people to speak out for equality, acceptance and protections.

The video makes this point clear in Spanish with the participation of Latino celebrities and ordinary families that have been fighting for recognition for a long time before current developments.

Florida like 29 other states does not have any protections against discrimination in housing, employment, health care and public accommodation for LGB people and like 32 states does not have these protections for transgender people. Equality Florida plans to release other videos that share these points with Spanish-speaking audiences.

There are not enough materials in Spanish that make these points and the video most likely will be shared outside the state and the country.