Because of Your Votes, GLAAD is a Mashable Awards Finalist -- Please Continue to Vote for GLAAD Each Day!

Because of your votes, GLAAD is officially a finalist in the 5th Annual Mashable Awards! We appreciate everyone who nominated GLAAD in this contest -- we wouldn't have made it to the finals without your support!

Now that we're a finalist, please continue to help us by voting for GLAAD in the "Must-Follow Non-Profit on Social Media" category. This category honors the reader’s choice for the nonprofit organization that most deserves to be followed on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other mainstream social networking sites. We’re now also on Google+!

Here’s how to vote!

  1. Click here for Mashable’s voting website
  2. Click to log in via Facebook or Twitter to record your vote, if you’re not already signed in to Mashable
  3. Select the "Must-Follow Non-Profit on Social Media" category (if not already selected)
  4. Select GLAAD from the drop-down menu (if not already selected)
  5. Click "Vote"
  6. Check back each day to vote again! (You can only vote once per day, but you can vote every day through December 16!)

The official finalists were just announced today. Not only is GLAAD a finalist (thanks to everyone who nominated us!), but three of the seven finalists in the Non-Profit on Social Media category are LGBT organizations. This is excellent news for the LGBT community. With a platform like Mashable, GLAAD could amplify the voices of the LGBT community to an even wider audience online. With your help and vote, we can. Click here to vote for GLAAD for Must-Follow Non-Profit on Social Media.

One of our major digital initiatives is #SpiritDay, which was started in 2010 by teenager Brittany McMillan as a response to LGBT youths who had taken their own lives. This year, GLAAD once again helped amplify the message of #SpiritDay to millions of people all over the world. Numerous celebrities, including Tyra and Ellen, pledged to go purple online and on TV. Various media outlets also went purple for #SpiritDay. Even The White House went purple on Facebook and Twitter – and blogged out it.

The digital team here at GLAAD worked 'round the clock to carefully monitor the overwhelming response to #SpiritDay on each social media site in order to capture the stories of support and heartfelt messages of encouragement and acceptance that were shared. The spirit is also alive on our Flickr and YouTube pages.

Throughout the rest of the year, the digital team is constantly monitoring social media sites for:

  • Accepting, encouraging posts from celebrities, organizations and other notable media outlets to amplify the voices of allies to our community
  • Defamatory posts, publications, media mentions and comments so that we can act on them immediately and petition for equality
  • Stories, photos and videos from the LGBT community so that we can amplify their voices and experiences

Please take the time to help us amplify the voices of the LGBT community to an even wider audience by voting for GLAAD in this year’s #MashableAwards.