BECAUSE bisexuals are awesome: Bisexuals Empowerment Conference kicks off

Today marks the launch of the annual Bisexuals Empowerment Conference, A Uniting Supportive Experience (BECAUSE). It's among the largest meetings for bi community advocates and the only national conference dedicated solely to people with fluid identities.

The three-day conference includes workshops, panels, plenary sessions, a performance, social activities, and more, including two keynotes. These speeches will be presented by noted author Mary Anne Mohanraj (Bodies in Motion) and ABilly S Jones-Hennin, a community organizer who has been advocating for social justice for more than half a century.

Workshops will explore media representations, health, intersecting identities, visibility, sexual violence, and aging, just to name a few. "Bi/Trans* Identities and Spirituality: It’s Complicated (A Roundtable Discussion)," "Trans* Identities: What Do YOU Want To Know," and "Bi & Trans: Communities in Common Cause," are among the workshops offered that specify trans-inclusive material.

BECAUSE makes clears its dedication to gender identity inclusivity and sex positivity in order to create "a safer conference" environment. Free HIV testing will also be available.

Hosted by the Bisexual Organizing Project, BECAUSE has taken place for over two Lasting through the weekend, the conference is being held on the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus.

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