Beautiful and Out! Openly Lesbian Contestant on Univision Show Talks About Her Orientation

In her audition for Univision's popular beauty-pageant reality series Nuestra Belleza Latina, Karina Hermosillo came out as a proud and openly lesbian Latina. And live on-air on last night's episode—the third in the season--Karina wept as she spoke on the phone with her partner, Ruth Gómez.

In the audition segment, Karina told a great story of family acceptance, taking the time to recount her mother's journey and saying that although her dad had died before she was able to come out to him, she knows he would have supported her. She finished by singing a song dedicated to her dad. You can follow Karina on Facebook and Twitter.

Nuestra Belleza Latina is one of Univision's most popular programs, with over 4 million people  who tuned in to watch last season's premiere.

In 2009 Univision's singing competition Viva el Sueño featured an openly gay singer, Fedro, who spoke about his orientation, and last year the network's dance competition Mira Quién Baila included openly gay stylist Samy. With its diverse casting, Univision is helping to keep in the "real" in reality programming.

Latino support for LGBT people and issues has grown quickly in the last years, and continues to, as more people get to know the LGBT people in their lives—in person and through media.

Watch Karina's audition here: