Award-Winning LGBT Short Film Series Now Available in Spanish

Filmmaker Antony Osso’s award-winning LGBT-themed short film series, The Devotion Project, is now accessible to Spanish-speaking audiences. Thanks to Valentina Roldos, a Uruguayan fan of the series who contacted Osso with the offer of translating and subtitling his work, all of the series' five short films can now be viewed on YouTube with Spanish-language subtitles.

The films' focus on themes of love and commitment through the perspectives of LGBT couples arose from Osso's desire to see representations that went beyond stereotypes and more about "couples and families who are happy and thriving right now."  

Furthermore, Osso's belief that "through familiarity with these kinds of stories that prejudices and notions of 'other'-ness start to disappear," is what initially motivated him to create the series, and also to widen its impact and reach to include Spanish-speaking audiences. (It is worth noting that in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, film and television studios are increasingly including multidimensional and positive LGBT representations in their works, which plays an important role in increasing acceptance for LGBT people in those societies).

The popular series has won festival awards in L.A., Atlanta, Seattle and Austin. Each of the films was produced, directed and marketed independently by Osso. The sixth and final film of the series is in post-production and will be released in February 2013.

The possibility of translating the series into other languages is also being considered at this time. Click here to view the original English films and here for the Spanish versions. Follow The Devotion Project on Twitter @DevotionProj