Australia Votes YES!

In a pivotal moment in LGBTQ history, Australians cast their postal survey ballots in favor of marriage equality

NEW YORK – GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, today celebrated Australia’s vote to bring marriage equality Down Under with 61.6% of the vote. While the survey itself is not legally binding, Australia’s prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has vowed the momentum of a YES vote would cause a bill to legalize marriage equality to “sail through” parliament, with a goal of passing marriage equality by the end of the year. 

Anti-equality politicians and activists in Australia have already launched a plan to distort these results by rallying behind a marriage bill that would override non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ Australians through religious exemptions.

“With the rising tide of anti-LGBTQ laws and crackdowns around the world, citizens of Australia stood up for fairness and equality by supporting the right for everyone to marry the person they love,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President & CEO. “Now it is on the Australian government to heed the will of its people and pass fully equal marriage without exemptions.”

During the voting period, GLAAD teamed up with Australian celebrities including Yvone Strahovski, Luke Hemsworth, Hugh Sheridan, Dan Macpherson, and Courtney Act to push voters to exercise their civic duty and cast their ballots in support of advancing LGBTQ equality.