Attack of California transgender high schooler captured on cellphone video

A cellphone video has surfaced of a transgender high school student being beaten by several other students. The attack took place at Hercules High School in the Bay area. While the video may appear to be mutual combat, school officials acknowledge that this was a result of on-going bullying of the transgender student. School administrators are hoping that this incident will raise awareness and understanding of transgender people. The School Success and Opportunity Act provides protections for transgender high schoolers, but anti-transgender activists are attempting to repeal the law.

"After being under stressful situations day after day of being teased and talked about, obviously at some point you're going to explode," said Charles Ramsey with the West Contra Costa School Board.

The transgender student complained to school administrators about being bullied just two days ago and a warning was given to the other students involved.

"They were told knock it off and then something transpired yesterday afternoon," said Adam Taylor with the West Contra Costa School District.

Those who counsel students at the Hercules school hope to turn this incident into something positive.

Video by KGO-TV in SanFrancisco.