The Asian Pride Project: Highlighting Mothers and Grandmothers of LGBT Asian-Americans

"If you are happy then Grandma has to accept," said a Korean immigrant grandmother to her LGBT granddaughter Elena in a moving video, where both share a glimpse into their journey toward love and acceptance.

That Elena's grandmother, or openly gay Ngoc's Vietnamese immigrant mother, have shared their journeys to love and acceptance so publicly, is to be commended. Through their bravery and courage--among the many sacrifices they have made for both their LGBTQ and straight children --  these women are helping inspire more conversation among Asian-American families about accepting their LGBT members, and helping to bring families closer. 

The stories are part of the Asian Pride Project (APP), the first multimedia, multilingual platform to focus on the voices of Asian-American families, who encompass a large and incredibly diverse group of cultures. Its recently-launched website provides a space for LGBTQ Asian-Americans and their family members to connect through stories and experiences with each other, as well as culturally-relevant, language-specific resources. 

The Asian Pride Project is a collaborative between Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York (GAPIMNY), Q-WAVE and the South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association (SALGA) in NYC. For more information, visit