Anti-Violence Project releases report on LGBT domestic violence

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs has released their 2013 comprehensive report on intimate partner violence (IPV) in LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities right on time for domestic violence awareness month. For the second year in a row this report shows the highest homicide rate ever recorded. NCAVP documented 21 IPV homicides in 2013, the highest recorded level, equal to the 21 homicides in 2012. This is up from 19 IPV homicides in 2011 and more than three times the 6 documented homicides in 2010.

In 2013, 76% of all reported IPV homicide victims were gay men, which is up significantly from 48% in 2012. “The truly alarming number of gay men killed due to intimate partner violence indicates a need to expand the national discourse around intimate partner violence, to ensure that it includes gay men, bisexual people, transgender, and gender non-conforming people. This is a crisis that affects everyone," said Justin Shaw, Executive Director of the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project.

According to the report 61% of bisexual women reported being raped or physically assaulted or stalked by a partner as well as 37% of bisexual men, populations that are often left out of conversations about the LGBT community. Transgender people are four times more likely to face discrimination due to IPV and young people ages 19-29 made up the majority of intimate partner violence survivors. This report demostrates the need for the LGBTQ community to also be a part of the discourse about domestic violence prevention and awareness.

For more information on Domestic Violence Awareness Month visit The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The organization, Not Alone offers a comprehensive list of resources for survivors of intimate partner violence that includes specific resources for the LGBTQ community and Forge, a progressive transgender rights organization, has a new report on best strategies for making shelters inclusive of transgender women who facing IPV.