The anti-trans history of Tomi Lahren, Fox News' latest hire

NEW YORK – GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, today released the following background information on Fox News’ newest hire Tomi Lahren, an anti-trans activist who has signed on as a contributor for the cable station notorious for employing out-of-touch anchors and pundits who want to rescind LGBTQ acceptance across the nation.

Tomi Lahren has gone after critics to President Trump’s transgender military ban despite the fact the White House could not even defend the policy to the media. Further, Lahren has praised the Trump Administration for revoking President Obama’s guidance protecting trans students at their schools and deadnamed and misgendered Chelsea Manning.

Read more about Tomi Lahren’s anti-LGBTQ record below.


Anti-Trans Statements

  • Supported President Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving openly in the U.S. Military: “The military is not a social experiment. Finally a POTUS who understands the concept. Political correctness=intellectual dishonesty!”
  • Claimed liberals don’t have an actual argument to support transgender service members; adds that people only support it because it “feels right.”   
  • Said Trump’s repeal of Obama transgender guidance did nothing more than “return America’s taxpayer funded bathrooms and locker rooms to normal.”
  • Went after and deadnamed Chelsea Manning by saying, “trans traitor Chelsea Bradley Manning,” and “him—well I guess her now.”

Other Anti-LGBTQ Comments

  • Criticized pride parade marchers for engaging in resistance against the Trump Administration, filled with untruths about the administration’s supposed support for LGBTQ people.
  • Lashed out at President Obama’s last State of the Union address, because “he had to throw gay marriage in there. Of course.”