Anti-LGBT activists claim cartoon show 'SheZow' will confuse children about gender

The upcoming cartoon show, SheZow, is drawing attention from anti-LGBT activists who claim that the main character, a 12-year-old superhero, will confuse children about gender. The show focuses on a young boy named Guy, who gains superpowers and becomes a hero named SheZow by putting on a magic ring. 

GLAAD pointed out on WABC that the claims being made about SheZow's appropriateness for young people are not unfamiliar, as anti-LGBT voices attempted similar tactics against children's show characters like Tinky Winky of The Teletubbieswhose possession of a purse sparked Jerry Falwell to attack the purple character for allegedly promoting gay issues. 

The concept of a superhero taking on a new persona to fight crime is very familiar to children. The real issue is not that these characters will confuse children, but that right-wing activists consistently try to impose their rigid and stereotypical ideas about gender roles on society.

The Hub Network, which will premiere SheZow on Saturday, June 1, has also confirmed that the show is no more about transgender issues than when Bugs Bunny puts on a dress. It is important that journalists reporting on SheZow not give credibility to the laughable claims of anti-LGBT activists, when statements from the show's creators clearly discredit them. Find out more about reporting on transgender issues in GLAAD's Media Reference Guide.